Introduction to IEI

     Based on existing research on emission factors, emission concentration and emissions, the IEI team proposed the data processing methods and estimation techniques for Chinese industrial pollution sources.

     In particular, the IEI team established a comprehensive analysis framework for Chinese industrial emission inventory (IEI), with data quality control, pollution source classification, an emission factor database, emission estimation methods, emission temporal profile and a high-resolution emission inventory on a cloud computing platform.

     Furthermore, by incorporating the continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) data for state-monitored pollution sources, discharge permit data and the environmental impact assessment data, the IEI team built a nationwide layered, gridded inventory of the pollution sources in China, i.e., the IEI database for different industries, years, resolutions, scales and pollutants. The IEI database provides required model parameters in air quality simulation and offers data basis and technical supports for Chinese environmental assessments.