This User Agreement is a contract between users and our team and applies to usage of AERSURFACE online service system. Users must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Any users of the emission data regardless of data sources are regarded as accepting all of the terms.

1. AERSURFACE team aims on providing high quality underlying surface parameters, but not responsible for any consequences of using the data. The users will be responsible for all liabilities from the use of the surface parameter data.

2. The account, password and the other registration information must be safekeeping carefully. We may suspend accounts without any notice if we suspect an account is not used by the initial registrant. The consequences shall be borne by the user.

3. Users are not permitted to distribute the AERSURFACE online service system data and account to any third-party.

4. Publications using AERSURFACE online service system data should provide proper credits to our team. Co-authorship is appropriate if your work is significantly benefited from a new version of our AERSURFACE system data. Co-authorship is also preferred if you asked our team to provided custom data. Citation is appropriate if your work is only slightly benefited from the AERSURFACE system data.

Interpretation, modification and update of the Agreement belong to AERSURFACE model team.


[1] Bo, X., Wang, G., Tian, J., Yang, J., Gao, X., Huang, Y., Li, S. Standard systems of surface parameters in AERMOD. China Environmental Science, 2015, 35(9): 2570-2575.    (Download)

Registration Application

Before using the data products provided by AERSURFACE online service system, the users need to fill in the registration information online and submit a registration application to AERSURFACE model team. Fill in application form and accept all terms of the user agreement, and then print out the application form, stamp it with official seal of organization, and mail it to the office of AERSURFACE team. The system administrator will review the registration application and assign the user permission if the application is approved.