System Introduction

The features of CALWRF v2.0.1 include support for a variety of WFF file, data error correction, 3D.DAT file header correction. With upgraded Linux and Windows compilation instructions, V2 or V3 of the NCAR WRF-ARW model output (in NetCDF format) can be read, and 3D.DAT format file that is suitable for calculation of CALMET model can be created.

The system is developed in B/S architecture, ASP.NET framework, C # object-oriented programming language and Microsoft SQL Server database platform, which can integrate CALWRF v2.0.1 version tools, and provide online access service for 3D.DAT high-altitude meteorological data.

After login, the user should first fill in the order information, in which order number, order type, customer name and submission date are filled in automatically, contact, telephone, data year are required, number of grids, selected grids, order price can be found in auxiliary map, and address, zip code and other information are optional. After submitting the information, the system will automatically check whether the order information is complete. If the information is incomplete, the system will return the order for supplement, an “unapproved order” will be created. The administrator can review the order submitted by the user in “pending orders”. During the review, the order status will be changed to “being reviewed”, and the user can make search accordingly. If the order is disapproved, the user can make search in “failed orders” and view comments from the administrator. The order can be re-submitted after modification. The user can search the approved order in “orders to be paid”, and give payment according to the specified payment terms. After the payment is confirmed, the administrator will change the status of order from “unpaid” to “paid”, and confirm the invoicing information for order “to be invoiced” according to user’s requirement. Meanwhile the administrator should make calculation and confirmation for order “to be calculated”, so that the system can create calculation result as required by the order. The user can download the calculation from the “Completed Order”. For online computing and management process, see Figure 1.

Figure 1: Online Computing and Management Process

Table 1: Information Sheet of System Technical Support and Management Unit

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